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Tiger Claw Elite Championship
Tiger Claw and Disney's Martial Arts Festival created this championship so that martial arts competitors from different existing circuits, organizations, styles and schools can come together and compete. Throughout the year qualifying tournaments take place across the United States. Winners of qualifying tournaments will be eligible to advance to the Tiger Claw Elite National Championship as part of Disney's Martial Arts Festival at Disney's Wide World of Sports® Complex in the Walt Disney World® Resort, near Orlando Florida. The Tiger Claw Elite Championship gives Black Belts a fun, family-oriented, safe way to compete and be recognized in the martial arts. For the first time, martial artists of different styles from all across the United States can compete to see who is "The Best of the Best!"

Tiger Claw
Tiger Claw has been a high-end manufacturer and distributor of martial arts supplies for over 20 years. The Tiger Claw product line covers all areas of martial arts supplies from protective gear to uniforms to swords. Tiger Claw operates two facilities—in Fremont, California and Knoxville, Tennessee. Tiger Claw publishes Claw Marks—the largest circulation martial arts business newsletter in America, and the popular newsstand magazine Kung Fu Tai Chi. Tiger Claw Media International produces high quality instructional DVDs in all areas of martial arts.

Tiger Claw has long been a sponsor of martial arts tournaments.
Currently, Tiger Claw sponsors over 60 tournaments a year.

For more information visit www.TigerClaw.com

Tiger Claw Elite Champion Fund
Help send athletes to the Tiger Claw Elite Championship! The Tiger Claw Foundation is collecting funds to cover travel expenses for deserving qualified athletes. Donators of $50 or more will receive a special edition Tiger Claw Foundation/Tiger Claw Elite t-shirt.

For more information visit www.TigerClawFoundation.com

1. Who can compete?
2. Where will the competitions be held?
3. What do I get if I win?
4. Are there benefits for School owners?
5. If I host a tournament, how do I become a Qualifier Tournament?
  1. Why did Tiger Claw and Disney create the Elite Championships?

    The Tiger Claw Qualifiers and Championship are Black Belt only events. There are 80 divisions total. Sixteen divisions are point-sparring, divided by gender, age and weight. Thirty-six divisions are Form/Kata including Classic Japanese/Okinawan, Kajukenbo/Kenpo/Polynesian, Korean, Tradition Kung Fu, Contemporary Wushu, Tai Chi/Internal, Contemporary, Creative and Musical. Twenty-eight divisions are weapons open to all styles. All divisions are divided into four age groups. For a complete and current listing, please click here.

  2. Where will the competitions be held?

    There are eleven qualifiers across the United States in 2007. Click here for the full schedule. By placing first or second in any division at an Elite Qualifier, you automatically earn a slot at the final Championship. The finals will be held at the Disney’s Martial Arts Festival at Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex Orlando, FL in October.

  3. What do I get if I win?

    This is an amateur competition; there are no cash prizes. At the qualifying tournaments gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded for first, second and third place. There are 16 Grand Champions; and, first and second place winners in each division at the Championship. Unique crystal trophies are awarded for each winning level. Tiger Claw Elite Champions also have the opportunity to give a demonstration at Disney’s Martial Arts Festival nighttime show. The 2006 Disney’s Martial Arts Festival Showcase was presented as a live webcast on Disney’s Wide World of Sports® website.

    First place and Grand Champions are announced in two-page color advertisements in the two highest circulation newsstand martial arts magazines—Black Belt and Kung Fu Tai Chi; and, the highest circulation martial arts trade publication—Tiger Claw’s own ClawMarks. News release are also issued to national media outlets and to media local to the champions and tournaments. The Champions are also featured on the main page of the websites http://TigerClawElite.com and http://TigerClaw.com. Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine also features full coverage of each event with photos and regularly uses Tiger Claw Elite competitors and champions in each issue.

  4. Are there benefits for School owners?

    As a longtime supporter of schools across the nation, Tiger Claw believes that behind every great athlete, there is a great coach. The Tiger Claw Elite Championship credits every champion’s school. Through our media coverage we recognize schools that send the most competitors. It is vital for any competitor to have the support of their instructors, coaches, and fellow students to become “The Best of the Best” and it is Tiger Claw’s philosophy to recognize all aspects of being a winner.

  5. If I host a tournament, how do I become a Qualifier Tournament?

    If you are interested in becoming an Elite Qualifier, contact Tiger Claw at 1-800-821-5090. Qualifiers are chosen based upon their longevity and standing in the martial arts community. The number of participating tournaments is limited so new tournament applicants are subject to availability.