Songshan Shaolin (嵩山少林)

After the overwhelming success of last year’s Songshan Shaolin Division, the Tiger Claw Elite Championship is proud to announce that it will continue offering the Songshan Shaolin Division in 2019.  The Songshan Shaolin Division is exclusively for practitioners of Shaolin Kung Fu currently taught as part of the common curriculum at the original Shaolin Temple on Songshan (Song Mountain) today.   Once again, this is its own unique division, just like Traditional Kung Fu or Modern Wushu, complete with age and gender divisions and Grand Champions.  The Advanced Grand Champions can compete against Traditional Kung Fu or Modern Wushu for the Overall Grand Championship title. The Songshan Shaolin Division serves the ever-growing community of Shaolin schools in the San Francisco Bay Area connected to the Shaolin Temple, as well as the expanding community worldwide.

The Tiger Claw Elite Championship will be held on May 18-19 2019 in the South Hall of the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.  More details to come.