Tiger Claw Elite TKD Championship

The 10th Tiger Claw Elite Taekwondo Championship divisions include Open Poomsae, Traditional Poomsae, Synchronized Poomsae, Weapons Poomsae and Sparring.  Additionally, there is an obstacle course competition for children as well as Individual Sports Poomsae using the same format as the USAT Nationals. 

The Tiger Claw Elite Taekwondo Championship is overseen by Master Kwangil Bae.  Born in Kwangju, South Korea, Master Bae began studying Taekwondo at the age of seven and earned his 1st Dan Black Belt at the age of ten. He graduated from Dan Kook University in Korea with a B.A. degree in Physical Education, with an emphasis on Taekwondo. During all four years at Dan Kook University, he was a member of the Dan Kook University Taekwondo Team as well as an ROTC Taekwondo training instructor.  Upon graduation, Master Bae served in the Korean Army Special Unit (equivalent to the U.S. Navy Seals and Green Berets Special Forces). During this time, he worked as a drill officer and continued to work as a Taekwondo instructor simultaneously. After completing his service, he was honorably discharged from the military as First Lieutenant in 1995.  After immigrating to the United States in 1995, Master Bae was a resident Taekwondo instructor for the Urban Sports Cultural Center in New York City for five years. Master Bae helped bring the martial art to public by performing in numerous Taekwondo demonstrations, some of which have been shown on ESPN.

Master Bae emphasizes the official Olympic-style Taekwondo techniques as well as enriching student’s knowledge with history and traditional discipline of the martial arts. He also stresses the need for physical conditioning and flexibility as a means to achieve better overall health. Currently, Master Bae teaches at Palo Alto Martial Arts in Palo Alto as well as Choi’s Institute of Tae Kwon Do in San Jose. He also used his skills to contribute to his work space at Novellus Systems, Inc. and to the community of Palo Alto. Master Bae currently holds the rank of 7th Dan in Taekwondo and 5th Dan in Hapkido. He is also an active International Certified Referee in both Poomsae and Sparring.